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Training is provided in blocks of three lessons.

Lesson one provides us with the opportunity to meet, to discuss the areas on which you’d like to work and agree training objectives. We’ll start training foundation behaviours and plan the practice sessions to be completed during the week.

Lesson two develops the behaviours you will have been practising and provides us with the opportunity to adjust and enhance the training to meet your specific needs.

Lesson three sees understanding developing and progression towards objectives.

Before booking lessons please ensure that you are able to commit to completing 3 five minute training sessions every day. Without daily practice you will not achieve the results you are aiming for.

The techniques used within the training are based on positive reinforcement which means that your dog will experience no fear, anxiety, pain or discomfort during the training process.

Treats are used during training as well as toys and verbal praise as appropriate for each dog. When treats are used we aim to fade these out once the behaviour can be performed reliably.

Each block of three lessons is:

€75 for lessons in Spain

£65 for lessons in the UK

AED300 for lessons in Dubai